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ctm_sidebarWe are a comprehensive technology support organization for all types of small business.  CTM is a customer centric small business.  Our team does not follow a specific set of rules for a given situation.  This does not mean that we do not have company policy or procedure, we do.  Our focus remains on the customer in every situation.  When it comes to the use of existing or new technology, we aim to make your life easier.  We strive to design processes that are focused on delivering a positive experience.  In every interaction, we like to learn about you, our customer, and have you learn about us.

Our Value…

  • Dedication to our client’s success
  • Innovation that matters-for our company and for our clients
  • Personal Responsibility and Trust in our relationships
  • We identify and act upon new opportunities to apply our technology and expertise.
  • We scale our existing programs and initiatives to achieve maximum benefit.
  • We empower our employees and others to serve their communities.
  • We integrate corporate citizenship and social responsibility into every aspect of our company

Our Mission… 
To help our clients be more successful by partnering with them.

Our Culture… 
Be courteous and helpful in every situation we are placed when supporting our customers.  Our company culture is based on core values.  This helps our business, but, more importantly, defines the role that we can and should play in our community, including that of our customers.